Science and Nature Gift Ideas for the Holidays

My son is seven and undoubtedly Pokemon cards and the Rainbow Loom (this is the new it thing at his age and I'm way behind the times because I just heard about it last week) will be at the top of his wishlist this Christmas season.   But, I love the gifts that aren't necessarily the "must haves" for him that turn out to be beloved and get him fired up about science and the natural world.  Here are a few of our favorite science and nature gift ideas to inspire and wow your little adventurers this holiday season.  

Do you have any favorites that have been hits with your kids?  Please share in the comment section!

Georello Kaleidogears 

Every year I give my son a few saves when I am getting ready to donate toys that I think he might have outgrown.  This one has been saved three years in a row.  A recommendation for a toy doesn't get better than that.

Excellent for both individual and guided exploration.  Let them wander the playground and neighborhood to test it out or put magnetic and non magnetic things in front of them and let them guess what items will be magnetic. 


A great small present or stocking stuffer.  This one magnifies both 3X and 6X.

Nature Print Paper

Place a flat object on this paper, expose it to sunshine for 2-3 minutes, and develop it in water.  Your child will be amazed at the magic paper!  Take it on a nature walk or vacation to create a unique keepsake book.


Ant Farm

Ants are fascinating and this clear gel (that provides ants all their needed nutrients) makes it easier for little ones to observe them.  


Monarch Life Cycle Puzzle

A beautiful educational puzzle.  



Make Do

We go through way too much tape at my house in construction and creative endeavors.  These connectors will stop that and hopefully save a little frustration when tape doesn't do the trick. MakeDo is on our list this year.  



Nest View Bird House

With a small opening for song birds and a clear back that faces your window, hopefully you will be observing baby birds by spring.  Super awesome.


Kid's Big Tool Set

Garden tools that are just the right size for little helpers.


Pricey, but very interesting.  I wish I had found something like this when my son was a little younger.   


Wonderbug Adventures Gift Certificates

2013-07-13 11.09.22.jpg

Give the gift of nature and science discovery to a child or to your child's classroom.  Nature Adventure child classes begin again in the spring!  School Science Adventures run year round.  

Holiday promotion: Purchase a School Science Adventure Gift Certificate and receive a free Nature Adventure Series for one child.  

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