Nature Adventures Program Descriptions

Duck Discovery 

Come learn from our feathered friends! Join us for a fun-filled hour of duck discovery. You and your little one will share in a multi-sensory learning experience all about ducks including: puppets, songs, stories, and hands-on activities.  After setting the stage, we venture off -- nature detective kits in hand -- in search of the duck pond to observe ducks in their natural habitat. We conclude with an art project, songs, and a closing circle.

Caterpillar & Butterfly Adventure

Join us in discovering one of the magical wonders of nature, the life cycle of the butterfly.  Watch your child experience the mystery of metamorphosis through puppets, song, and hands-on nature exploration.  Learn key characteristics of the butterfly life cycle through costumes, art, and creative play. 

Lake Life Adventure 

Discover some of the amazing animals that live in a lake and learn how they interact in the lake habitat.  Dance like a dragonfly catching bugs. Practice being a turtle and hide in our pretend shells. Jump like a frog from lily pad to lily pad. A fun-filled hour of lake and animal exploration awaits you at beautiful Pine Lake Park.

Ocean Adventure

Come learn from our sea-loving friends! Join us for a fun-filled hour of ocean discovery.  We will learn about animals that make the ocean and the beach their home.  After setting the oceanic stage, we venture off for some amazing beach combing during our nature detective time. We conclude with an ocean themed art project, songs, and a closing circle.

Habitat Adventure 

Come discover what makes a natural habitat so important! Join us for a fun-filled hour of nature discovery. Your child will learn about the key parts of a habitat and make their own mini habitat in a pan.  We will exploring different types of habitats and then venture off together to explore the habitat we are in. We conclude with a habitat themed art project, songs, and a closing circle. 

Creepy Crawly Adventure 

Join us on a bug discovery adventure!   They definitely crawl and some may fly, but they aren't really that creepy!  Discover what makes a bug a bug through observing real insects as well as inspecting grasshopper, bee, and ladybug puppets.  Learn all about your favorite bugs through songs, games, and a bug scavenger hunt.   Practice jumping like a grasshopper, buzzing like a bee, and marching like an ant.  Your child will go “buggy” for our not so creepy adventure!  

Feathered Friends Adventure 

Soar with us through the exploration of fabulous fliers. Get ready to build nests, examine feathers and eggs and learn about what makes a bird a bird. Introduction to bird watching begins as we head out as nature detectives to observe hawks, ravens, crows and backyard birds in their natural habitat. We will celebrate our bird buddies through song, puppets and art activities.

Senses Discovery 

Stimulate all your senses with the wonders of nature. Find out all about our senses and learn how to use them to better understand our natural world.  Do animals use the same senses as we do? Come explore while utilizing multi-sensory activities to understand how our senses work. 

Nature Detective Adventure

Come discover the magic of nature exploration with us, Wonderbug style! We will use all our senses to investigate the natural world around us. Get ready to search for tracks, examine clues found on the trail and learn about the tools we all need to become expert nature detectives. We will celebrate nature discovery through song, art and hands-on activities.

Green Growing Adventure

Join us as we explore the magical journey of growth from seed to plant! Discover basic plant structure and learn the lifecycle of plant growth. Come let your curiosity bloom as we investigate what all plants need to survive through song, art, and hands-on activities.

Decomposer Discovery

Natures Clean-up Crew! Discover the wonders of decomposition, learn all about natures clean up crew! Worms, slugs, and bugs oh my. How do these critters recycle nature and play a valuable part in the cycle of life? Come learn the key characteristics of decomposers through songs, hands-on activities, a down and dirty scavenger hunt.


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