Head to the Ocean for Must See Nature Experiences!

Bay Area Must See Nature Moments

Velella Velella

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If you have spent anytime in the last few weeks at Ocean Beach (or Pacifica and Monterey beaches) you most likely have noticed masses of blue creatures that have washed up on shore.  While they sometimes get mistaken for the dangerous Portuguese Man of War jelly, these are not actually jellies (or jellyfish) at all.  

 the Velella Velella (also known by the equally delightful name by-the-wind sailors). What looks like one 
velella velella is not even one individual creature, but a hydroid colony made up of many individuals that work together with some individuals of the colony responsible for feeding, others for defense, reproduction, or making up the sail.  They are connected by a canal system to share food.

It is not uncommon for mass strandings of Velella Velella as they are entirely at the mercy of the wind. They are harmless and cool to see, so head to Ocean Beach to check them out!

Whales, Whales, and Whales! Oh My!

With anchovies plentiful again this year, the humpback whales are out in full force.  Amazing feeding behavior and playful mom and calf pairs have been delighting whale watchers this July and August and the season is still going strong.  

If Monterey feels a little too far to go whale watching, Moss Landing has had amazing sightings this summer as well.  I recommend Sanctuary Cruises in Moss Landing or Monterey Bay Whale Watch in Monterey for respectful and informative whale watch trips.  Happy Whale Watching!